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HD/IP Cameras

Internet protocol (IP) surveillance cameras, are digital video cameras used for surveillance that can send and receive information via a network and the Internet.   Network IP Cameras have revolutionised the CCTV Industry, as they provide a higher resolution of video images and the ability to view a wider coverage.  The IP/HD Cameras provide greater flexibility and are simple to install and a cost effective solution.  The megapixel network camera provides a much higher resolution than the standard analog CCTV camera.

AOS can offer a wide variety of IP surveillance cameras to provide a security solution for facilities such as private homes, small businesses, corporate properties, railways, manufacturing companies, distribution warehouses and construction sites. There is no limit to the number of cameras that can be installed, as long as there is a broadband signal to transmit data.  The images can be accessed remotely, even from a mobile phone.  Because little infrastructure is required for installation and use, IP/HD cameras offer a more budget friendly solution than the traditional closed circuit systems. 

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