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Access Control Readers

AOS can provide the latest access control readers.  The readers match a credential to permit a persons entry through an access control point.  Being an independent supplier, AOS has access to the variety of readers on the market, including:

Biometric technology significantly increases the security level of systems.  The benefit of biometric readers ensures the physical presence of the person to gain access.

The use of iris readers is most common in aviation as part of border control and access to restricted areas at airports.  The iris cameras perform recognition detection of a person’s identity by mathematical analysis of the patterns that are visible within the iris of an eye.  Of all the biometric devices and scanners available today, the iris recognition is thought to be the most accurate.

Finger Print/Hand
Every person has a unique, unchanging fingerprint and this can be scanned and the image of your finger pattern is converted into a code, and stored in a database for comparison to authenticate access.  The Hand Key reader captures a three dimensional image of the hand’s shape and size, which is used to confirm the person’s identity and access.

Proximity readers are the most widely used and a natural choice for most of our clients.  The readers recognise all forms of swipe cards and fobs that are on the market today.  The technology can be housed in various options to meet specific client needs including slim line and vandal resistant devices.

We can help you choose the right access control reader for your business.  Please contact us for more information.