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TagsAOS offers a range of tags to suit all sectors of the industry.  Tags can be any size, shape and made of plastic or material. Security tags can be attached to merchandise or equipment as a security loss prevention solution. 

Our hard tags are reliable and built of sturdy plastic housings and have a time tested locking mechanism.  The hard tags are easy to attach and with our quality detacher machines the tags can be removed quickly, without damage to the merchandise.

AOS are able to supply both forms of EAS Sticker Tags on the market today, RF & Acousto Magnetic. Both Labels are designed to operate in a similar way to a traditional Hard Tag.  When presented to a Security Tagging System they will create an alarm alerting the retail staff that goods may be leaving the store without having been paid for. 

The Rat Tag is a stand-alone loop alarm system developed to secure articles on display in a retail environment. The Removal Alert Tag is especially suitable for products such as bags, cameras, PC notebooks, power tools and other consumer electronics. 

Choosing the right security tagging system can seem daunting when there is such a range of options available. AOS has proven security tagging expertise and can recommend the right speciality tagging products for you. Our case studies show how we have helped some major clients with their retail security systems.

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